The New York Yankees need to step their game up and pay Derek Jeter the money he is owed. I know that he is 36 however he can still play baseball. Despite dropping his average 30 points this last season he still played over 140 games, and won his 5th gold glove at SHORTSTOP. It would be a very drastic decision if the Yanks do not resign Jeter. Jeter is an intricate part of the Yankees franchise. Not only has he been a fan favorite and the Captain of the Yankees for over a decade but he has led them to 5 World Series rings.

Jeter is less than 200 hundred hits away from 3000 hits, adding to his very decorated prestigous career. Jeter has been an American League All-Star 11 times in his 15 year career. He is a first ballot hall of famer for sure, and an excellent role model for younger players. With a lifetime batting average of .314. Jeter has had one year where he batted below .290 which was last season. One bad year offensively and Cashman's trying to get rid of him. Let's go Cashman pay the man, he's worth the extra 5 million dollars. Yes you made him rich but he also made you rich, there is way too much weight on Jeter. The Yankees sell out every single home game and a percentage of that is because of your Captain Shortstop Derek Jeter.